First exams and parties, new friends, strange subjects, successes and defeats, and much more. We achieved the long-awaited freedom, and came immersed in adult life. The first year of study was certainly the beginning of an absolutely new era. What does she look like? Let us remember!

Time distribution and inner balance is extremely important

The first euphoric feelings of student life have mixed with fear of future seminars, exams and bad reviews. First, you had to find recognition and make contact with professors and fellow students. The main challenges we encountered were mainly related to the lack of time. Hardly anyone expected a lot of subjects and heaps of homework. Daily seminars and lectures, barely readable non-fiction and “must-have” did not give any opportunity to discover the legendary Lotterleben that is promised to all students. An exhausting pace of life and time pressure caused so much stress that it is hardly possible to relax and enjoy your own free time without proper time management.

You have to learn to deal with failures properly

The exam time is a special period of student life. Fear of the exam is also difficult to avoid, especially for new students. Reasonable handling of a defeat plays an important role, because the art of failure is known to few people. The desire to develop and to perfect one’s own skills is understandable. But you do not have to go crazy if one chases after the good grades. Nothing bad happens when you get a negative rating. To convince yourself of this you simply have to take the first exam, and all prejudices disappear.

Human relationships are hard to overestimate

Student life should not be associated exclusively with exam stress, sleepless nights and lectures. At least every student was at a wild party. These crazy times are recalling positive memories so far. Many people have just found the real friends at the university, with whom you have experienced all the successes and defeats. Very often, this friendship remains alive even after graduation. Among the professors there were those who not only taught academic skills but also shared their own personal experiences.

school of Life

Some people hold the opinion that one can acquire only technical knowledge at the university. One can easily disagree with this view, because sometimes we do not notice how much we learn between lectures and seminars. The communication skills we develop during the learning process play into our hands throughout our lives. We understand how to exist in a heterogeneous society and overcome countless obstacles. It should not be forgotten that student life is a wonderful time of exciting events, unexpected experiences and interesting encounters. Do not waste your time!

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