In this article you will find information about what the term “method 635” means and how to apply this creativity technique in practice.

Method 635: Quick and Creative Brainstorming

In 1968, the management consultant Bernd Rohbach developed an easy-to-learn and versatile creativity technique for the optimal implementation of brain-storming. With their help you can get many different ideas in a relatively short time, taking all suggestions and taking into account. It is mainly used in areas such as business consulting and marketing. Its principle is simple: you only need a small group of people, worksheets for each participant and a moderating person. Although this strategy was called “Method 635”, it is also known as Brain Writing. How does this method work? What do you use them for? We answer all these and other questions. Read on carefully and remember valuable information.

What does “635” mean?

Why actually 635, not 493 or 584? These numbers are not out of thin air but have a specific meaning: 6 members of a group, 3 written options, 5 evolving. If you do not understand the method of Method 635 yet, then read our step-by-step instructions.

The approach of brain writing

The sheets are prepared: they are divided into 18 columns with 3 columns and 6 rows

Every member of a group gets a piece of paper

The moderator explains implementation rules and puts a group of a current problem into the picture

Each of 6 people in a group writes 3 ideas (or possible solutions to a problem) on his piece of paper;

Every 3-5 minutes (the time depends on the difficulty of a task), all participants pass on their worksheets with the clock.

The next one tries to supplement the writing of others with their own suggestions or to improve the existing ideas.

After the worksheets have been checked 5 times by each participant, one evaluates the contents of the writing and chooses the best ideas.

Typically, Method 635 does not take more than 30 minutes to complete. The maximum possible number of variants obtained is 108 (6 participants x 3 ideas x 6 times checked).

DOS and don’ts

An important requirement for carrying out brain writing is that all participants abide by the rules of the game.

The participants should be calm during the brainstorming process and not comment on any comments:

  • Every proposal should be taken seriously
  • Nobody should push for their own ideas
  • All participants have equal time available. When you’re done before the time runs out, you should not jostle but wait for the others.
  • The moderator controls compliance with the rule and is responsible for timing
  • Application areas of Method 635

Method 635 can be used in a variety of situations, for example:

  • Find solutions to a problem of medium complexity
  • Fast idea development
  • Work out new options, get things done
  • Identify creative team members
  • Develop team skills (colleagues work together on solutions to a problem, receive information about competences and skills from each other)
  • Improving communication between team members

Now let’s take a quick look at the pros and cons of brain writing:

  • advantages
  • This method is efficient and efficient
  • Creators of creative answers are easily recognizable (this is a major motivational factor)
  • Higher success rate compared to brainstorming
  • Knowledge exchange between involved persons
  • Answers are not broken
  • Every participant is active and discovers his potential
  • equal opportunity
  • disadvantage

In practice you get much less than 108 different options (because duplication is impossible to avoid)

Under pressure of time, brainstorming processes are often slowed down

Not all participants have the skill to describe their ideas succinctly

An illegible handwriting plays a big role. If it is not deciphered, you do not pick up the idea


We have explained the basics of Method 635. This is an effective and efficient creativity technique. Although this technique is not ideal and has some drawbacks, it is a good process for structured idea development in a team, with each suggestion accepted and evaluated. The more frequently one uses this method, the more productive the execution will be. From time to time you get better results.

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