Reading, as a favorite activity, is not enjoying so much popularity among people, especially among teenagers. Many refer to lack of time and even the hectic pace of life can not relax. Of course, deep digitalisation influences our habits and way of life. The Internet, with its unlimited possibilities, offers such a huge variety of events, concerts and exhibitions that reading in this context looks “pale”. In reality, it is not so, and the world of books can be much more interactive and exciting. In fact, spending 15-20 minutes daily with the book in a cafe or in bed is easy. If you are lacking in motivation, we have collected some reading tips. Read these and take a few steps forward!

Tip 1. Follow your preferences

Think about what you have interests and what you want to know more about. With the favorite hobbies or exciting topics of conversation you can have a good start in the literary world. Bestsellers on famous athletes, the latest cookbooks or a women’s novel … You can now find all sorts of topics in a bookstore. The story must absolutely captivate you, then you have several chances to develop your reading habits.

Tip 2. Try to read as fast as possible

Even the first-class reading can be boring to death. If you sit at a book for months, you gradually lose interest in it. So try to read as much as possible at once. The book has to be so thrilling that you can devour it in one day. Then you get one hundred percent fun from the read and the aftertaste will be pleasant.

Tip 3. Take the book to relax

If you are overwhelmed at work or studying, a readable book can be a stress reliever. With the impressive reading, you can immerse yourself in a whole new world and thereby also find inner balance.

Tip 4. Train your brain!

If we want to be fit, we do sports. The same applies to our brain. Reading gives us the impetus to promote our spiritual work. The more books you read, the better you know about a variety of topics. As a result, you can keep any conversation going and avoid embarrassing situations.

Tip 5. Discover new leisure activities by reading

The leisure time of a bookworm is not limited to reading. Regular book fairs, literary evenings and autograph sessions with favorite authors help you to make your everyday life varied. You expand the circle of your acquaintances and even make new friends. Do not miss this opportunity!

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